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Company Policies

DMSI Wholesale Operating Policies:

DMSI Wholesale Product Warranty:
All DMSI products are warranted against manufacturing defects and premature wear when used in normal operating and processing conditions. All published product specifications noted allow for a maximum manufacturing tolerance of +/- 10%. Any products received that are outside of our published specifications by more than +/- 10% are considered to have a manufacturing defect and are warranted for return.

DMSI Wholesale Prepaid Freight Policy:

This DMSI Wholesale purchasing site requires a minimum order of 36 cases of products and all orders are shipped prepaid freight to a single location within the 48 states of the contiguous continental US. DMSI will not be responsible for any additional transportation charges assessed for special delivery requirements.

DMSI Wholesale Packaging Standards:

All Products sold on this DMSI Wholesale website have a defined number of product units that are packaged for each product noted in the item description of each product. This website does not allow broken cases or packaging other than the quantities noted. If you purchase the equivalent volume of product to meet the 36 case standard packaging requirement but wish to have the products custom packaged please contact our customer service department and we will provide a price quote based on your requirements.

DMSI Wholesale Returned Goods Policy:
Any unused product may be returned for credit if it is shipped prepaid freight to DMSI within 30 days of the original purchase date. Returned merchandise will be subject to a credit reduction for the cost of the original freight costs to ship the product to a customer’s facility.

DMSI Wholesale Payment Policy:
This purchasing site will accept credit cards or purchase orders for customers who provide a credit application to support a line of credit. Accepted credit cards are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Credit terms are Net 30 days for established credit accounts and interest of 1.5% per month shall be charged on all past due accounts. To apply for credit please download our standard credit application with the following link.

DMSI Wholesale Shipping Standards:
We provide 1-2 day shipping service on orders for standard products and 3-5 day shipping service on orders for non-stocked colors, sizes and styles as well as custom manufactured items. All orders received after noon central time shall be considered being received on the following day. DMSI will make every attempt to advise purchasers of any potential delay in meeting these shipping standards.

DMSI Wholesale Pricing Policy:
The Wholesale pricing located on this purchasing site represent reduced costs to buyers based on Volume, freight savings and reduced processing costs from not repackaging products to order. These prices are subject to change without notice but charged prices will be the published prices located on the DMSI Wholesale website.

DMSI Wholesale General Policy:
Direct Mop Sales, Inc. operates a number of purchasing sites to allow purchases from companies of different sizes and types. This website offers pricing and policies specifically to those orders and customers that purchase within the 36 case minimum order requirement to purchase on this site.