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Wholesale Microfiber Mop Telescopic Handle

Telescopic Mop Handle

Wholesale Microfiber Mop Telescopic Handle: We have a wide variety of industrial grade aluminum handles to be used for our microfiber mop pad frames, wall washing, dusting and window washing tools. Our 72" telescopic handle is the standard length to be used with our microfiber aluminum mop frames, dusting tools, and window washing hardware. We also carry telescopic handles extendable up to 8' and 14' lengths for wall washing, high dusting and window washing applications. A solid one piece 59" aluminum mop handle is also available where a fixed length handle is desired. These handles our made with strong industrial grade aluminum for longer product life and superior performance. Pricing is per unit and order quantity below is per unit except where noted in bulk pricing. We will accept orders in less than case quantities.

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<!s>Wholesale - <strong> 72" TELESCOPIC MOP HANDLES | 25/Case</strong>
Wholesale - 72" TELESCOPIC MOP HANDLES | 25/Case
BULKMHDL72 more info

Current Price $170.02
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<!t>Wholesale - <strong> 64" Aluminum Extension handles | 30/Case</strong>
Wholesale - 64" Aluminum Extension handles | 30/Case
BULKAEH64 more info

Current Price $198.36
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<!t>Wholesale - <strong>59" | SOLID 1 PIECE ALUMINUM HANDLE W/THREADED END | 50/Case</strong>
BULKSTR59 more info

Current Price $418.50
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<!w>Wholesale - <strong>8' 2-PIECE TELESCOPIC HANDLE | 12/Case</strong>
Wholesale - 8' 2-PIECE TELESCOPIC HANDLE | 12/Case
BULKE28HDL more info

Current Price $145.48
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<!x>Wholesale - <strong>14' 3-PIECE TELESCOPIC HANDLE | 12/Case</strong>
Wholesale - 14' 3-PIECE TELESCOPIC HANDLE | 12/Case
BULKE314HDL more info

Current Price $252.12
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