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Wholesale Microfiber Mop Frames | Wholesale Telescopic Handles

Wholesale Microfiber Mop Frames - Channel Style

Microfiber Mop Frame - Channel Style: These are produced with industrial grade high strength aluminum. These are constructed with riveted Hook and Loop for easy use and durability.

Wholesale Microfiber Mop Frames - Flat Style

Microfiber Mop Frame - Flat Style: These are produced from lightweight high strength aluminum. The flat surface on these frames assists in shedding excess cleaning solution when used in cleaning systems with recharging buckets.

Wholesale Telescopic Handles

Telescopic handles easily attach to our microfiber mop pad frames, wall washing, dusting and window washing tools.

Wholesale Microfiber Mop Recharging Buckets

Microfiber Mop Recharging Buckets are made for wetting microfiber pads prior to use.